Air Conditioning Energy Assessment

Air Conditioning Inspection & Assessment across the East Midlands

Air Conditioning Consultants is a wholly independent assessment body based in the Midlands that specialises in undertaking mandatory air conditioning energy assessments nationwide. It is part of Environmental and Energy Performance Consultants Ltd which, as experts in all forms of building assessment, has issued over 6000 energy certificates to premises of all size and complexity.

Currently, any building in which air conditioning is installed that has a total cooling capacity in excess of 12 kilowatts (kW), must be energy assessed. The requirement derives from Part 5 of the Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) Regulations 2007, which implements Article 9 of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

An air conditioning energy inspection (ACEI) or TM44 report as it is also known, results in the issue of a certificate which is valid for five years at which point a further assessment would be required.

The primary aim of an air conditioning energy assessment (ACEA) is to give information to building owners and operators on:

  • The performance of their air conditioning systems.
  • How those systems are being used in conjunction with other mechanical heat and ventilation plant in the building.
  • What savings can be made in the use of the systems.
  • The performance of the fabric of the building in which the systems are installed.
  • Opportunities to save energy and cut operating costs.

We work with companies of all sizes in undertaking these assessments. We also assist independent air conditioning contractors to devise strategies so that we can assess hundreds of premises operated by major corporate clients, which ensures compliance with the legislation. Further, we assess premises with simple split-systems (level 3) to those with the larger air handling units (level 4).

In particular, we work with companies that are accredited or are seeking accreditation to ISO 14001 (environmental management) as it is critical that their air conditioning equipment is assessed prior to the ISO accreditation team visiting their premises.

We provide national coverage and have clients whose premises are situated from Cornwall to Scotland and Northern Ireland. We can supply references or testimonials if you require assurance as to our ethics and professionalism.

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